What to buy:

Music Stands – Peak Folding Music Stands

Metronome/Tuner Combo – Korg TM – 40

You can also take a look at these pictures of tuners and metronomes for purchase (cheap and one free metronome)  I DO NOT RECOMMEND A FREE TUNER… There is a lot of math involved for a good tuner and nothing tops the app Tonal Energy…

for both iPod/iPhone & iPad

iStrobosoft is available in a non-HD version for the iPhone/iPod

String Emporium Upright Basses – If you don’t know Steve Koscica, you don’t know basses…  Best Price – biggest sound       Best Price – Easiest to play                                             Both are great basses, and I own two basses from String Emporium!

Bows – this is what I play on!  Great sound @ a cheap price!

Rosin – Nyman and Carlsson are best for Texas!

Wolf Eliminators – A small weight to snap on to a “pressure point” for a string/note that sounds funnier than the rest!

Amps, cables, and basses… a better substitue for Guitar Center → Sweetwater.com

Best Bass Amps → Eden Electronics (I play the WT1205)

Iconic Professional Bass → Fender Basses… (I play the Active Deluxe V)

Jim Reed Guitars → I own one of these as well… Met the maker and he customized it for me!

Bass for Sale

A Petite 3/4 size with a “D” neck from Tyrolea/Vienna circa 1850

Play on an inspiring historical relic → Like I Did! → I got this bass instead of a car for my 16th birthday and made my career off this bass!  Rich sound with true character – $8,000

Please contact me for more info!      →Byrdbass@gmail.com