About Me

Hello, Hola & Ciao!

Headshot of Leland Byrd with a Double Bass

I am a coder, a streamer, and have a great desire to learn.

I have been a musician and an educator for many years. I was an orchestra director who still specializes in the upright and electric bass.  Teaching and playing are what I love best about music, but I know my students are what keep me motivated to be my best!

The double bass found me in my 5th grade Orchestra class, and I continue to stay true to my classical roots in local (semi-pro) orchestras and teaching string instruments to young people.  I also have experience with jazz, rock, fusion, world music, chamber/contemporary music, blues, bluegrass, wind bands, and (my favorite) baroque music!

The Electric bass was a gift from my father for my birthday when I was 14.  Electric bass has allowed me to travel overseas to perform, and I love the modern sounds of this instrument!  As my most frequent audience members, my family is an amazing inspiration and support for my musical career!

The Byrd Family

As a college student at Southern Methodist University, I have had many fortunate experiences with some great musicians that led me discover a love for teaching.  I truly believe music can be taught to anyone, and the teacher must take humble pride with everything their student plays; wrong notes and beautiful ones alike.